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A Connected Expereince

We don't believe in standalone systems. There are instances where your website needs to pull information from various systems, push information to other systems and automate and trigger different workflows and automation to achieve some essential functionality. Take a look at the following scenarios ... 

Scenario 1


When you sell products in brick-n-motor retail channels and decide to go e-Commerce, but eventually end up with two inventory systems - one for the website and one to manage your actual inventory in the shops / warehouse. Imagine the hassle of managing inventory in two systems, potential conflicts of orders that could occur, etc.

Ideal Solution

Have your new e-Commerce platform pull inventory data from the existing system and synchronize any stock level updates both ways.

Scenario 2


Imagine you have an existing billing system (i.e. QuickBooks, Zoho Book etc) to handle invoicing and when you implement an e-Commerce experience you end up having another billing system. Eventually, end up in a messy situation having your finances all over.

Ideal Solution 

Make sure the invoices generated in the online platform are automatically synchronized into the existing accounting & finance software application.

Scenario 3


You have an existing Point of Sale system and all the items categories etc are already available in it. Now when doing e-Commerce, any change you do to the product catalog needs be updated in two locations.

Ideal Solution

Let the current system and the new platform connect to each other to extract the product catalog and synchronize any updates both ways.

The above scenarios are very common when building an online presence for a business. The solution is to bring in our expertise to the picture to help you achieve the deep system integrations that would connect one system to another.

Making sure that data transfer and transformation happens in a secure manner and ensuring one system talks to another is our specialty. This will ensure that your business gets to use the existing technology investments for many more years to come. 


We have successfully implemented many integrated solutions helping customers to get the best of the modern tech while not having to ditch their existing solutions. 


Our development team packs over 2 decades of collective experience on a range of legacy and modern technologies. This essentially means we can connect even your old-age systems with the new platforms. 

Technology Range

We can build integrations across a range of products and platforms. 

Cost Effective

With our 100% tailored bespoke offering, we can achieve the expected end outcome with a mutually agreeable reasonable budget.

We have expertise to build integrations on the following technologies. 

How can we help?

Please tell us more about your current systems. We'll get our best engineers to figure out the technicalities on how to connect with one another. 


Thanks for submitting!

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