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​Hassle Free Online Selling

Hassle Free Online Selling

e-Commerce can be the ultimate frontier for your business to expand. If managed properly it can help you reach a larger audience to sell your products. 

Given the global effects of the COVID-19 pandemic e-Commerce services around the world had major growth. Most of the online retailers were struggling to cater for the suddenly increased high demand. 

What we offer is a complete solution to build, manage and run your e-commerce business. 


We can build your e-Commerce presence on a variety of platforms such as Shopify, WiX, Magento, WooCommerce etc. Since different platforms bring in different capabilities to the picture, we would recommend the correct platform for you only after properly studying what you want to achieve.

Recommendation Analysis

Having a powerful recommendation algorithm on your e-commerce website is a powerful way to help customers discover more related products. Over the years we have built sophisticated algorithms for this. 

Dropped Carts Analysis

In some cases, site visitors don't see it through the checkout process and we can help you understand why - and minimize the dropped carts.

Facebook & Instagram Catalogs

Having your product catalog listed on Facebook and Instagram could be a powerful channel to attract more customers. 

Offers & Deals Management

We would help you understand the right timing to put out offers and also to understand which style offers your customers respond to. 

Automated Delivery Calculations

Delivery calculations can be set to flat rates, based on the weight of the package, distance from the main store, or a combination of these.

Automated Tax Calculations

Having accurate tax calculation applicable in your local geography is essential to stay compliant and we can apply the tax formulas accordingly.

Integrated Finance

If you already have an invoicing system (e.g. QuickBooks, Zoho, Xero) we can integrate it. This will help you consolidate your online sales into your main finance management platform.

Integrated Inventory

Having to maintain a separate inventory for your online store could be a messy endeavor. Instead, we will integrate with your existing inventory management solution. 

Payment Gateway Integration

Be it a popular payment gateway such as PayPal, Stripe, 2CheckOut, or a relatively unknown gateway specific to your country, we have the technical competency to integrate.

Integrated Delivery Systems

Given the required APIs are available we can connect with your delivery and tracking system to keep your customers alerted.

Automated Notifications

Email, SMS, or push notification-based alerts on various stages of the order cycle. 

Customer Feedback and Reviews

Built-in tools to receive and manage product reviews and feedback from customers. 

​Hassle Free Online Selling

We also cater to all the essential support services to enrich your e-Commerce experience.

Professional services to create product specific content to get users engaged with the product.

We collaborate with a large pool of product reviewers and YouTubers who would create authentic experience-based reviews.

We have fully equipped studio facilities to shoot stunning product photographs.

Small scale to high volume targeted email marketing activities and acquiring of databases to promote your business.

Sales Promotions

If you like to conduct physical sales promotion activities we have few options.

Detailed user guides on text or video format to educate your users on the product.

​Hassle Free Online Selling

How can we help?

e-Commerce is a lot more than just building a website. We highly recommend you schedule a call with us to explore the details. One of our business strategists will help you. We'll put together a plan to help you with your e-Commerce website, inventory management, order fulfilment, notifications, delivery, tax calculations etc. 


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