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Traffic, Traction and Sales

Large portion of the websites that comes online just remains dormant without really adding a true positive impact to the business it represents. But some websites get discovered by interested people, it organically builds a follower base around it and eventually generates sales through the website. Essentially making your website a very powerful tool driving your business results to a new height.

Well! The difference between “just another website” and a “website as a powerful sales tool” is a fine line and creating a Correct Search Engine Optimization plan can change the game for your business

We have a tried and tested methodology that is already helping a number of our clients stay on top of Google search results. 


A number of things come into play when building effective SEO. We’ll go through all these on your existing online setup. If we are building the website, we’d obviously do the needful as a part of our offering. We’ll draft a comprehensive gap analysis report to help you understand where you are right now and what corrective measures are required to get the job done.

Keyword Analysys

Understanding the most impactful keywords that would represent your business in your customer's mind is crucial. We will deploy a number of tools at our disposal to capture this “customer perspective” accurately. This would essentially lay the foundation to drive effective SEO activities in the future.

Setting KPIs

We will identify the macro and micro conversions we want to take place on your website. The framework we map will help structure important key performance indicators (KPIs) linked to the strategy and objectives of your business. At this point, we’d also set the monitoring criteria and the frequency of monitoring as well.


Having the right financial and people resources lined up is essential to see through the end results of SEO. If you end up in a scenario where you have to suddenly abandon SEO due to suddenly discovered costs the entire effort would be in vain. We’ll simply help you create a budget to ensure the activities continue.  


The next step would be to plan the SEO actions aligned to your core business timelines.


Our SEO specialists would setup your website as per the Google Webmaster Guidelines. We'll take care of On-Site SEO, Off-Site SEO, Technical SEO, Structured Data, Local SEO, Avoiding Black Hat SEO, etc During this step. Depending on the scale of your website the timeline and cost of this stage would change. 


Once the setup is done, the real work begins. After the configuration is complete Google will start indexing the website and you will start seeing results in a few weeks. This process might have an elongated timeline as we’d fine tune the keywords, relevance of content and other important parameters to reach the optimal results.

Deep Analytics

This is also the stage where we’d measure the results against the KPIs set. Google Analytics combined with our own deep analysis of the outcomes received would help you measure the success of your SEO efforts during the applicable period. This would also set the foundation to carry on the next set of actions to drive your business even further.

​Traffic, Traction and Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website or a web page from search engines.


Source: Search engine optimization - Wikipedia

Can I do it in my own?

It depends. Implementing impactful SEO on your website could take time and it would need specific technical competencies. However, we believe given the willingness to invest your time into learning the art of SEO and having the right background to gain the technical skills - Yes you can do it in your own. 

But if you prefer to focus on your core business and let an SEO expert to the needful, we are at your service.

Do I really need SEO for my business?

Yes! We believe every business should allocate a portion of their business investments into SEO. Having a high-ranked website could generate direct business results across the globe.

How soon will I see any results?

While the timeline could vary between 4-6 months to see initial good results to kick in, we can assure you you wont see the results immediately.

How does it really work?

It's complicated. Lets schedule a meeting to discuss the details. We would like to identify where you are currently in terms of your SEO readyness and understand the gaps first. Once we have clarity we'll explain the process on how it works.

Does my hosting location has any effect on SEO?

Yes. Performance of your hosting location can have a direct impact on your SEO efficiency. Simply speaking a basic hosting setup that has very slow page loading time would end up having poor SEO performance.

How can I increase effectiveness of my site SEO?

Once properly implemented certain part of it would automatically run and contunie to deliver good business results. But, continuous oversight and fine-tuning would improve the results. This optimizing could include deeper analysys on the keywords, narrowing down or expanding your target audience, undertand the possibilities of upselling to your current audience etc.

How long should I keep doing SEO?

As long as you would want the business results to come in. However, the initial period could be the most demanding. Once the initial phase is completed you can expect to see more organic growth.

How much does it cost?

It would obviously depend on the scope of work that you'd want us to carry out. Cost would typically be calculated on the number of keywords, target audience profile, scale of your website, frequency of content refrehes you have and many other factors.

Does the technical platform I have used to build the website has any effect on SEO?

Not really. Most of the technology platforms and tools that you would use to build your website such as WordPress, WiX etc provide very powerful tools to implement proper SEO. Make sure to pick an established platform when building your website.

​Traffic, Traction and Sales

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