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Productivity & Collaboration

Productivity & Collaboration across your entire organization

It’s no surprise that productivity & collaboration across your entire organization is vital for an effective business operation.

Especially in a globally challenged time like this where COVID-19 literally defined a new normal, having the right technology platforms and tools to collaborate among your teammates would be one of the key differentiators of your business.

We offer a range of platforms and products for you to choose from depending on your requirement and budget. We cover procurement, deployment, and training to ensure successful implementation of the platform & tools you choose.


The ultimate productivity and collaboration suite from Microsoft – M365. If you are starting from scratch or already have decent a level of sophistication in your organization on how you collaborate, deploying M365 is the natural evolution to take things to the next level. Great thing is the same set of tools and tech that a fortune 500 company uses are available to organizations of all sizes at the same per user cost when you go with M365.


While zoom is a popular choice in consumer video communications, zoom enterprise offering can be a powerful tool when your business depends on video conferencing. Especially when one-to-many and many-to-many style conferencing facilities are needed Zoom offers a range of solutions.


If you are looking for a more simplified solution where your primary requirement is emails, we recommend Zoho Mail. It brings in a simple setup with a self-manageable control panel for you to get the job done. The default inbox capacity is sufficient for most users and the email client applications are super easy to use.


While the readymade packages have it’s merits, if your organization looks for a different solutions we would like to explore more to understand how our bespoke offering can deliver a solution for you.

Productivity & Collaboration across your entire organization


Planning ahead is highly recommended to get the best outcome of a cloud strategy. We invite you to join a discussion to envision how your company can benefit by deploying cloud infrastructure and applications.

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