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SlashTech International Pte Ltd.

SlashTechLabs is a hardcore technology services company primarily focusing on productivity, cloud, security and data solutions. We also undertake fully custom software engineering projects.

With a wide range of experience spanning across the last few major waves of technology transformations the world has gone through, we are in a unique position to analyze your business and create the best matching technology solutions to help you drive your business results.

We run a full-blown design practice to support your business to conquer the digital realm.

With a service stack ranging from web designing & development, e-commerce solutions, graphic design, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, photography and video production etc., we can function as a one-stop-shop for your business to be-digital.

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Productivity & Collaboration

Effective collaboration among all departments and team members is vital for a productive work environment. We offer a range of products, platforms and services to support your organization.

Especially in a globally challenged time like this where COVID-19 literally defined a new normal, having the right technology platforms and tools to collaborate among your teammates would be one of the key differentiators of your business to set apart from your competition.

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Whether you are looking to move your existing on-prem infrastructure to cloud, trying to optimize your existing cloud infrastructure or looking for a skilled partner to manage the setup ... We are ready and at your service.

We are geared to pull off-large scale cloud infrastructure projects on all three major cloud platforms - Azure, AWS and GCP

Custom Software Engineering

Not all business requirements can be met with readymade out of the box software applications, or the existing such applications could be costly to acquire.

We have the ability to accommodate complex large-scale software engineering projects on a range of technologies such as full-stack, Android, iOS etc.

Data Platform Solutions

Quite often data is called the new generation oil. But if not used put to good use to exploit the hidden secrets it has, it's just a useless digital object just sitting in a server eating up storage space and power.

What we offer is a range of services for you to effectively manage the storage and retention of data while adopting cutting edge Artificial Intelligence to uncover the hidden patterns and stories your data holds.

Security Solutions

Security beyond your company's network infrastructure is essential in today's work setups because people work from everywhere. Also, security is not only a bunch of hardware or software tools. It's a set of practices your organization should embrace.

We can provide the necessary software products and consultancy & training required to implement the right practices to keep your organization's data secure.

Digital Strategy Consultation

If your organization is constantly spending substantial sums of money on high-end technology projects, but still failing to see the real return on investment, we highly recommend that you reevaluate your technology roadmap.

Our consulting engagement would take you on a journey where we'd help you discover the true positive impact ICT can infuse into your business and help you plan the right tech investments at the right time to drive best business outcomes.  



With over a decade of experience at our arsenal crunching data with cutting-edge deep analytics, we are fully geared to help you uncover deep meaningful stories hidden in your data.



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SlashTech International Pte. Ltd.
SlashTech International Pte. Ltd.
SlashTech International Pte. Ltd.
SlashTech International Pte. Ltd.
SlashTech International Pte. Ltd.
SlashTech International Pte. Ltd.
SlashTech International Pte. Ltd.

Big or small, every business needs a range of software products and services to run a smooth business operation. Quite often having to deal with multiple vendors could be a true challenge. What we bring to the table is the ability to deliver a variety of solutions to support your business operation.

Our team packs several decades of collective experience when it comes to creating technology solutions to complement a business operation. Instead of just working on a project, we would prefer an approach where we work with you to complement your digital journey and be a truly trusted technology partner.

When working with us, value for money, technology innovation and technology enabling more business opportunities are the key priorities we’d focus on.


While we have well defined processes and tools to ensure quality of delivery on all our projects, we never have a set template when it comes to serving a customer. We are agile from head-to-toe :)


We are entrepreneurs ourselves and 100% invested in our mission to innovate and deliver value to customers and partners, while enriching our team's skills and lives each day.


Most often we may not be the cheapest solution provider in town. But we can guarantee that you'll get the best value for the money you spend. We'll always go on that extra mile with you.


Passion for technology keeps us ticking. We are risk takers who are always ready to experiment with new technologies. This gives us a unique edge to bring new capabilities to our clients.

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