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Who We Are?

We are physically based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, but digital nomads ready to deliver services regardless of location or time zone. With a wealth of experience in delivering high-end cloud solutions over the last decade we are fully geared to help your organization digitally transform - or in simple terms help you adopt more tech solutions to ramp up your organization be more efficient in operations, compete in the modern world and deliver better value to your customers.

Helping our customers achieve their business goals is our top priority.

Towards this goal, our team brings in a variety of capabilities to the table, ranging from ... architecting & implementing software solutions, improving organization wide productivity, project management, app development etc.

Meet the team at your service ...


Co-Founder / CEO

An entrepreneur at heart, he clocks 22 years as a tech professional. He is an experienced technology & business strategist and a solution architect. He had been a key proponent in building a vibrant tech eco-system around Microsoft technologies in the country. Work he carried out during his 12-year tenure in Microsoft helped over a million students across the country gain new tech skills. He is also an avid contributor to the local ICT industry.


Sales Director | Consultant

Ruvinda is an experienced sales professional who always puts that extra effort into finding the best solution to meet the customer's needs. With over 17 years of experience in the field he would bring the element of helping clients build a digital sales strategy to drive their business to new heights. He will be the bridge between our clients and the design team ensuring we deliver what is needed.

Feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn or drop us a line below ... 

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