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1. Design

​Type of the website you are looking for

Single page website?

All your website site content will be available on a vertically scrollable single page, fully fitted to work on all screen sizes and device form factors. Highly recommended. 

Website with Multiple Pages

This style of design is recommended when you have a large amount of content to display on the website. Each area can have its own page and details. The home page will contain a section of content representing each main section and will link to the inner pages. If needed the layout of the home page and the inner pages can be different from each other.

Static Content

All the site content will be added into text regions and you can edit as required with the visual editor.

How to you plan to add content to your website?

Site content, especially sections such as team profiles, testimonials, etc., will be dynamically displayed using data collections. If you plan to add more content to each section later on this option is recommended.

​How often do you think the content would change?

2. Pages & Sections

​Content Readiness

I will provide the content for each page & section before we start

Great! Make sure content is optimized for your search engine optimization plan. Keep it short. Simple and very readable to a website visitor. Use simple language to articulate your company, product or service information.

Design the pages with dummy text and I will fill myself later.

Take your time! We can continue to build the website using Lorum Ipsum text ( This will also give you  a sense of how much content would be ideal for each page & section on the website. 

Need more time to decide

Sure! Writing impactful content for a website can be a challenging & time-consuming task. If you need help from us we can assign our professional content writers to do the job. 

​How many pages do you plan having professionally designed on your website? *
​Content Sections
​Special Functionality / Pages 

3: Content Development

I will write it

Great! let us know if we can help in anyway. 

I would like a professional to write the content for my website for me.

Which pages & sectons should we create content for?

We'll assign content writers to help you. We'll work with you to capture your thoughts and ideas through a questionnaire and interviews to ensure we draft 100% matching content. 

​How will you create the text for your website?
​How about images, photographs, video and illustrations for your website?

4: Sell Items Online

What do you plan on selling?
What cofigurations you would need?

5: Programming

Advanced Features

6: Call to Actions, Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Select the list of marketing tools to setup

7: Summary & Get Quotation


Quotation Summary

Kindly note the calculated summary based on the options you selected. Actual pricing of some items may change after capture your full requirement. 

Your Contact Information

All Done. Thank you!


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Design & Style

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Pages & Sections

Content Development

Sell Online


Marketing & SEO

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